The First World NCD Congress 2017

Theme : "Preventing Non-Communicable Diseases: Realizing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)"

All the abstracts selected for WNCD 2017 will be published in a special issue of International Journal of Non Communicable Diseases | Abstract Submission for WNCD and IAPSM is closed |Regular Registration Extented till 25th October 2017 | Registration for the Post Congress Workshop session "Managing Stress and Health Challenges: Practical Approaches for Everyday Life and Difficult Situations" is closed.
2nd November 2017 : Pre-Congress Workshop/Meetings
09:00 hrs - 14:00 hrs 14:00 hrs - 17:00 hrs
Hall 2 GACD Implementation Science Workshop

Click above Link to Download GACD Brochure
GACD Implementation Science Workshop

Click above Link to Download GACD Brochure
Hall 12 XXI Joint Annual Conference of North Zone IAPSM/ IPHA 2017
3rd November 2017 : Pre-Congress Workshop/Meetings
09:00 hrs - 17:00 hrs
Hall 1 Addressing Social Determinants through Health Promotion
Hall 2 GACD Implementation Sciences
Hall 3 Monitoring, Surveillance, Cancer Registration and Survival Analysis (WNF/IARC)
Hall 4 Cancer Screening and Prevention (WNF/IARC)
Hall 5 Strengthening NCDs Management by Primary Health Care (WHO/WNF)
Hall 6 Leadership, Program Management, Resource Mobilization and Partnership for NCDs (WNF)
Hall 7 Public health Approaches to Palliative Care (IPC/WNF)
Hall 8 Cardiovascular Clinic Trials
Hall 9 Role of AYUSH and Yoga in NCDs (Ministry of AYUSH/WNF)
Hall 10 Health Coaching (YORK University)
Hall 11 Healthy City Forum (MoUD/MC/WNF)
Hall 12 XXI Joint Annual Conference of North Zone IAPSM/ IPHA 2017
Day 1:   4th Nov, 2017
06:00-07:00 Walkathon
Hall A Hall 1 Hall 2 Hall 3 Hall 4
08:00-09:00 Registration
9:00 - 10:15
Parallel Sessions
GBD Estimates for NCDs (IHME/PHFI) Cancer Control Oral Health and NCDs Mental Health Oral Sessions: NCD Risk Factors& Poster Session
10:25 - 11:55
Plenary Session
NCDs and Sustainable Development Goals: Preparing for 2018 (WNF/UNDP)
12:00 - 13:15
Parallel Sessions
Policy Forum COPD/Asthma Cardiovascular Diseases Diabetes Oral Sessions: Health Promotion&Poster Session
13:15- 14:00 LUNCH
14:00 - 15:15
Parallel Sessions
Stroke is Preventable and Treatable (WNF/ WSO) Innovations in NCDs COPD/Asthma Urban Health and NCDs (MOHFW) Oral Sessions: NCD Surveillance and Diabetes& Poster Session
15:25 - 16:55
Plenary Session
Health System Strengthening for Universal Health Coverage (WNF/WHO)
16:55- 18:10
Parallel Sessions
Household Air Pollution and NCDs (MEFCC) Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease RF/RHD (MoH India) Malnutrition, Physical activity and Obesity among School Children: A Call for Action Oral & Poster Session
18:30 Onwards Inauguration and Welcome Reception
Day 2:  5th Nov 2017
06:00-07:00 Marathon
Hall A Hall 1 Hall 2 Hall 3 Hall 4
08:00 - 9:15
Parallel Sessions
Innovative approaches to Address NCDs Recent Advances in Stroke Rehabilitation (WNF/IFNR) Health technology assessment (DHR) Health Ambassador's Oral & Poster Sessions
9:15 - 10:15
Parallel Sessions
Keynote address by distinguished speakers  
10:25 - 11:40
Plenary Session
Dissemination and Implementation Science Research (US NCI) Betel Quid, Areca Nut, and Oral Cancer Quality Assurance in Care, Diagnostics and Devices Round Table: Multisectoral Participation of Ministries and Key Stakeholders for NCD Control Oral & Poster Sessions
11:45 - 13:00
Parallel Sessions
Parliamentarian Forum (WHO/PFCD/WNF) Deepening Wellness Platforms in Communities, Workplaces & Schools Global Smokeless Tobacco control perspective Role of Private Sector in NCDs(PPP)
13:00-13:45 LUNCH
13:45 - 15:00 Health Workforce for NCDs (WNF/ WHO) School Health Programs for Prevention of NCDs Nutritional interventions to alter CVDs WNF Regional Meeting for Africa Oral & Poster Sessions
15:10 - 16:40
Plenary Session
Partnerships to Address NCDs
16:40- 17:55
Parallel Sessions
Mental Health policies and approaches (YORK University) Cardiac Rehabilitation Road Crashes and Fatalities Integration of Alternative and Complementary Medicine in NCDs Oral & Poster Sessions
18:00-19:00 Public Forum on Obesity
19:30 onwards Cultural Program & Banquet Dinner
Day 3:  6th Nov 2017
06:00-07:00 Yoga Session
Hall A Hall 1 Hall 2 Hall 3
08:00 - 09:15
Parallel Sessions
Regional Best Practices on NCDs and Tobacco Control (WHO SEARO/WNF) What is the evidence base for scaleup to improve NCD Programmes and other health outcomes? Technology and NCDs (WNF/ GIGH/ ICMR) Oral & Poster Sessions
09:25 - 10:55
Plenary Session
Global Research Priorities in NCDs (ICMR/GACD)
11:00 - 12:30
Plenary Session
Ministerial Forum
12:30-13:15 Lunch
13:15 - 14:45
Parallel Session
Multisectoral actions for control of NCDs, tobacco and other risk factors (WNF/WHO)
14:45- 16:00
Plenary Session
Reducing the Burden of Diabetes and Tuberculosis: Role of multiple Stakeholders (MVDRC) Joint WNF/HIA Session on Strengthening multi-sectoral Civil Society Engagement and Participation Addressing deafness and Blindness: Current scenario and way forward Art, Culture and Noncommunicable Diseases
16:00-16:30 Valedictory Session
20:00 onwards Neon Run
7th November 2017 Post-Congress Workshop/Meetings
09:00 hrs - 17:00 hrs
Hall 1 Stress Management (YORK University)
Hall 2 Nurse Practioners for Chronic NCDs (WNF)
Hall 3 Is Death and Dying also a Public Health Issue (WNF/IPC)
Hall 4 Public Health Approaches to kidney Diseases (University of Michigan/ WNF)
Hall 5 Water Pollution and Chronic NCDs (WNF/ World Bank)