The First World NCD Congress 2017

Theme : "Preventing Non-Communicable Diseases: Realizing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)"

All the abstracts selected for WNCD 2017 will be published in a special issue of International Journal of Non Communicable Diseases | Late Breaker Abstract Submission Started : 1st - 31st August , 2017 | Regular Registration extended till 31st August.
Scientific Agenda – World NCD Congress 2017
3/11/2017 Pre- Congress Meetings
  • Leadership, Management, Resource Mobilization and Partnership in NCDs
  • Strengthening NCDs Management by Primary Health Care
  • Implementation sciences in NCDs
  • Cancer Screening and Prevention.
  • Monitoring, Surveillance and Disease Registration
  • Public Health Approaches to Palliative Care
  • Yoga and NCDs
  • XXI North Zone IAPSM 2017
  • Multi Centre, Multi Country Cardiovascular Clinical Trails
  • Social determinants and NCDs
  • Health Coaching
Plenary Session Parallel Session Special Session
  • NCDs and the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Health System Strengthening for Universal Health Coverage (WHO)
  • Policy Forum
  • GBD Estimates for NCDs
  • Human Resources and Task Shifting
  • Technology Innovation for Prevention of NCDs
  • Prevention and Control of Diabetes
  • Prevention and Control of Cancer
  • Prevention and Control of Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Prevention and Control of Chronic Respiratory Diseases
  • Information System for NCDs
  • Bio-Banking
  • Marathon
  • Exhibitions Open
  • Oral and Poster Sessions
  • NCD Cafe
  • Voice of NCD Victims
  • Public Forum-Specialists Exposure to General People
  • Special Physical Activities
  • Opening Ceremony
Plenary Session Parallel Session Special Session
  • Keynote Address by Distinguished Speakers
  • Partnerships to Address NCDs
  • Youth Parliament
  • Air pollution and non communicable diseases.
  • Priority Setting for Evidence Based NCD Programmes
  • Standard Treatment Guidelines and Protocol for Management of NCDs
  • Stroke is Preventable and Treatable
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Mental Health policies and approaches (YORK UNIVERSITY)
  • Health Promotion, Policy, Advocacy
  • Strengthening Primary Health Care for Prevention and Control of NCDs
  • Tobacco Control
  • Health Effects of Alcohol and Obesity
  • School Based Interventions for NCDs
  • Worksite Based Interventions for NCDs
  • Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Diseases control
  • Healthy Public Policy
  • Walkathon
  • Oral and Poster Sessions
  • Exhibitions
  • NCD Cafe
  • Best Poster Awards
  • Best Young Researcher Awards
Plenary Session Parallel Session Special Session
  • Multi-Sectoral Coordination and Action (WHO)
  • Global Research Priorities in NCDs (ICMR/GACD )
  • Women Parliament
  • Health Ministers Forum
  • Funding Agencies Perspective for NCD Research
  • Access to Essential Medicines and Technology
  • NCDs and Enabling Environment (CDC)
  • Indoor Air Pollution and Chronic NCDs (YORK UNIVERSITY)
  • Epidemiology and Prevention of Cancer in the Low Middle Income Countries
  • Injury, Road Traffic Crashes and Disability
  • Prevention and Control of Disabilities
  • Rehabilitation in Chronic NCDs
  • Health Work Force
  • Oral Health
  • NCD and Development
  • Health Financing
  • Assistive Technology
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Walkathon
  • Young researcher forum
  • Poster sessions
  • Exhibitions
  • Media board room programs for experts
  • Women Parliamentarian Forum
  • Closing ceremony
7/11/2017 Post- Congress Meetings
  • Stress Management
  • Nurse Practioners for Chronic NCDs
  • Is Death and Dying also a Public Health Issue
  • Water pollution and chronic non communicable diseases.